Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Feelings Theme

1. Bean Bag Game: Draw 2 circles with sidewalk chalk o more if you want to review other emotions. Draw a happy face and a sad face on each one. For the circle I helped myself with a Hula Hoop. Have students throw beanbags onto a face and name the feeling: happy or sad.
Ask individual students if they are happy or sad ,  have him or her make the corresponding expression and throw the beanbag.

2. Puppets: I made these puppets out of fun foam and added wiggly eyes.
3. Feelings patterns: using the same faces, I made these out of cardboard. Have children make patterns on the board. Start the pattern with a hapy or sad cutout. Distribute the remaing cutouts to individual students. Elicit the pattern from the class and have the individual students place the cutouts and continue the pattern.
T: sad, happy... What comes next ?
Ss: happy.
Do as many times as you want changing the pattern.

4. Door hanger: I made this craft for the children, but it can be done to hanger on the door knob in class, to signal the children if you are happy or sad. get the template here:

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